Managing Palliative Care Case Conferences

Organising a Case Conference

Nurses will often identify the need for a palliative care case conference. They should check with their organisation whether there are specific processes and documentation that can be used to support a palliative care case conference.
The nurse may need to confirm if the GP will be participating and will need to check the requirements for MBS recognition of a case conference for payment purposes.
The nurse is likely to be well placed to understand who are the key people involved in providing care to the older person and who should be involved in the case conference.
Nurses will also be able to discuss with the older person whether they want to attend and who from their family or friends involved in their care that they would want to be involved.

Who should be involved?

Remember the Family and the Carer

Organising the Case Conference

Writing it Down

Page updated 05 December 2023

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