Case Conferences in the Community

Palliative care case conferences in the community are a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for options and services to meet the older person’s individual health needs.

Role of the Case Manager

A case manager or coordinator often provides a single point of contact for the older person living in the community. There may be different coordinators depending on how the current care services are arranged. Case managers coordinate the health care team and services involved in the care and support of the older person and their family.

Complex care requiring a range of providers can also be supported. This means that a multidisciplinary team is generally needed to provide holistic care to older adults.

How does this palliative care planning approach support older people in the community?

Organising the Palliative Care Case Conference

Specialist Palliative Care

Palliative Care Case Conference Processes

More detailed information on the following aspects of palliative care case conferences is available:

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