ACP in the community

Nurses' Role in ACP in the Community

Nurses in the community may have many opportunities to start a conversation or provide information about ACP while they are providing clinical care. Their clients may also raise issues with them about what will happen in the future.

This can be an opportunity to explore whether the person has thought about their preferences for the type of care they would like to receive.

The nurse can also ask if the person has prepared any written documents and check that the appropriate people have access to them. Nurses may also be able to provide information and brochures about ACP and ACDs.

Nurses providing care in the community are well placed to check if the person would like to review or think about their ACDs. They can also encourage an older person to prepare plans while they are still well and cognitively able to do so. Nurses can check that the family are aware of the person’s wishes or identify if there are concerns about family disagreements about future options.

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Page updated 04 December 2023

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