How to use the app

  • Focus on the individual
  • No two dying individuals are the same but there are some common experiences, so palliAGEDnurse makes it easy to access information on the issues that are of most importance for the older palliative patient under your care.

  • Always safe
  • The information presented in palliAGEDnurse is based on relevant evidence to support patient safety.
    Editorial control is exercised by the palliAGED project team.

  • One place for all your palliative care needs
  • Whether you have a lot or a little experience with palliative care, palliAGEDnurse is designed for any nurse working with older palliative care patients. To make it more useful, the app addresses issues that may change depending on the setting of care.

  • Wherever you are
  • pallilAGEDnurse information can be viewed on computer, tablet or phone so you can provide support to older palliative care patients under your care in any setting at any time.

  • Navigation
  • To assist navigation, the app has been designed to provide links to information as well as direct information where it is safe to do so.



Page updated 04 December 2023

palliAGED is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.