Case Conferences in Residential Aged Care

Palliative Care Case Conference in Residential Aged Care

A palliative care case conference in an aged care facility is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s health needs.

The residential aged care manager or coordinator provides a single point of contact for the older person and/or family members.
This case manager coordinates the health care team and services involved in the care and support of the older person and their family.
Complex care requiring a range of providers can also be supported. In the delivery of a palliative approach, a multidisciplinary team is generally needed to provide holistic care to older people.

Needs rounds (5.37MB pdf) are becoming more popular in aged care and provide staff with the opportunity to identify residents who may have palliative care needs. This can lead to a formal case conference meeting.

How does this palliative care planning approach support older people in residential aged care?

Organising a Residential Aged Care Case Conference

Specialist Palliative Care

Conducting the Palliative Care Case Conference in a Residential Aged Care setting

Medical Benefits Scheme and Case Conferences

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