Aim of palliAGEDnurse app

Welcome to palliAGEDnurse. This app aims to help nurses in general practice, community settings and residential aged care to provide a palliative approach to care for older people in the last twelve months of life.

Overview of the Palliative Approach Framework

palliAGEDnurse is based on a framework of care developed in the Palliative Approach Toolkit.

The Palliative Approach Framework describes three key care processes that nurses can use when managing care of an older person in the palliative phase:
  • Advance Care Planning
  • Palliative Care Case Conference
  • Terminal Care Planning

Content of Information

The content of information in palliAGEDnurse is derived from the PA Toolkit.
This app is designed to support nursing practice. The extent of a nurse’s scope of practice is determined by the individual’s education, training and competence. The extent of an individual’s scope of practice is then authorised in the practice setting by the employer’s organisational policies and requirements.



Page updated 23 May 2017

palliAGED is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.