3 Care Processes

A palliative approach can support quality of life for older people at the end-of-life. 'The Surprise Question' can help identify those needing a palliative approach and the 3 key processes help deliver the palliative approach.

The Surprise Question

The palliative approach is not just about the last days or weeks of life. 'The Surprise Question' is often used to help identify people for whom a palliative approach would inform the quality of their care and their quality of life. Ask yourself:

'Would I be surprised if this person died in the next 6 to 12 months?'

If you would not be surprised if the person died, a palliative approach should be considered.

Three Key Care Processes

Advance Care Planning - More than 6 months to death

Case Conference - 6 months or less until death

Terminal Care Planning - Less than 1 week until death

Page updated 23 May 2017

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