Development of the palliAGEDgp app

This app helps GPs to manage older patients needing a palliative approach to care.

Why do we need palliAGEDgp?

In Australia the demographics of death are changing. Today most people die an expected death from one or a combination of various chronic progressive conditions.The majority of Australians report that they would prefer to be cared for and to die at home, but in reality only a minority achieve this outcome. As most deaths are expected, death can be planned for and required care delivered in a pre-emptive fashion. General practitioners (GPs) have a central role in planning and providing for that care.

Overview of the Framework for palliative care

Development of the Guide to the Pharmacological Management of End of Life (Terminal) Symptoms in Residential Aged Care Residents

Development of the palliAGEDgp app



Page updated 25 February 2022

palliAGED is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.