About the app

  • Focus on the individual
    No two individuals are alike. palliAGEDgp makes it easy to consider issues such as PBS availability of medicines to tailor decisions for each individual.
  • Always safe
    The information presented in palliAGEDgp uses clear patient safety principles to support you to accurately understand the information, including use of:
    • TallMan lettering consistent with Australian Standards; and
    • terminology, abbreviations and symbols used throughout the app are consistent with national conventions.
  • One place for all your palliative care needs 
    palliAGEDgp is designed for all GPs regardless of their experience with palliative care.
    Much of the background information is kept out of the way - when you don’t need it and when you do, it is one click away.
    We appreciate GPs want to navigate the app quickly, without being directed elsewhere for important information. Where it is safe to do so, this information required is included within the app.
  • Wherever you are
    palliAGEDgp works hard to make sure the information you need is there wherever you are.
    Able to be viewed on computer, tablet or phone, you can get support when caring for your palliative care patients anywhere.

    The offline capacity means you are never caught short.

  • Simple navigation 
    palliAGEDgp recognises, you need to navigate through the app with ease.
    Clicking on the home icon will always take you back to the home screen.


Page updated 06 September 2017

palliAGED is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.